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New Year, New Map!

The Rock Springs Rocket-Miner is pleased to announce a partnership with the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Green River Chamber of Commerce to produce the 2017 Area Maps.

This new partnership is an exciting venture for the Rocket-Miner.  Serving both Chambers of Commerce, along with their memberships, allows for us to strengthen the bonds between our organizations, and an opportunity to serve local businesses in this endeavor.  We are looking forward to producing a high quality product that everyone will be proud of.

In addition to producing the map, the Rocket-Miner will develop a webpage on our new website that each Chamber can link to – helping drive online traffic to each of the advertisers.

Advertisers who previously have participated in this product will have the first opportunity to continue to do so.  Advertising consultants from the Rocket-Miner will contact each of them to determine if they would like to continue to participate in this exceptional product.  

Businesses are also welcome to call and reserve the same locations that they have had in the previous version.

For more information, please contact -      

Jade Stevenson at the Rocket Miner:; 
or (307) 362 – 3736 
Dave Hanks at the Rock Springs
Chamber of Commerce:
or (307) 362-3771